2014 Year in Review

Keep Calm and Make a List


We are, like most of you, fully immersed in the holiday season. At this writing, we are just over a week from the big day, but there is still plenty to do. Shopping. Baking. Wrapping. The simple trick that gets me through and saves my sanity? Lists. Lots and lots of lists. I love stroking items off my lists, creating new lists, striking items off those lists.

As I review my many Christmas To-Do Lists it’s only natural that I also turn my thoughts to my wedding planning year-end list – ’tis the season after all. So, here we go: my 2014 Wedding Planning Year in Review (random thoughts, in no particular order):

  1. Authenticity trumps trends every time.
  2. Barn venues continue their amazing popularity run.
  3. You can be a feminist AND have your father “give you away.”
  4. Social media and technology have made their mark, but can be polarizing. Many couples are pro; many are not.
  5. Fall is the new June. Couples are learning the many benefits of off-season weddings .
  6. Do not DIY your wedding – UNLESS you are already a professional (fill in the blank).
  7. The Purple Reign continues. Pantone Colour of the Year be damned. Purple’s popularity continues.
  8. Seating plans are a necessary evil, and the task everyone loves to hate.
  9. The best weddings are FOFFs – Festivals of Family and Friends.
  10. Costs can spiral out of control. Set a budget and stick to it. Expensive does not always equal beautiful

So, there you have it. A collection of thoughts, observations, and bits of advice. By no means is this list extensive, but it does hit on some recurring themes that crop up when I’m working with couples to plan their special day. And now back to the Christmas List….

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