A Charming Barn Wedding in Creemore




In this week’s post I want to share a very special wedding luncheon I worked on recently. The actual wedding took place a week earlier in Alberta. This event, at a private residence in the Creemore area, was a celebration hosted by the groom’s parents for friends and family unable to attend the actual wedding. For me this was a Dream Team event:  decor by Jackie Durnford of Creemore’s 100 Mile Store, photography by Jennifer Klementti; delicious food by Foods by Emily, guest favours by Your Local Jamstress. I’ll post more photos in the coming weeks but this Sunday Crush blog paints a lovely picture of a very special and happy occasion.


2 Responses to “A Charming Barn Wedding in Creemore”

  1. Cali Campbell Says:

    I absolutely adore this centerpiece. Clean, fresh, crisp and rustic. The simplicity of it is so beautiful.

  2. Christine March Says:

    Yes, sometimes simple is best.

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