A Fresh Look at the First Look

Simone & Mac | The Fifth Grill & Terrace

Simone & Mac’s First Look
Photo by Markus Staley


I confess I am a late convert to the First Look approach to wedding photography.

What’s more wonderful than that magical moment when the groom, waiting nervously at the altar, finally sees his beautiful bride for the first time as she floats into position for her walk down the aisle? That moment pretty much guarantees the flow of the waterworks. At least it does for me.

To my mind the pre-ceremony First Look just didn’t have the same emotional impact. But I’m coming around. Here’s why I believe a First Look is worth considering for your wedding day:

  1. The First Look is special, wherever it takes place.
  2. The First Look is intimate; it’s just you and your beloved. You aren’t sharing that moment with your guests. And you get to spend quality time together that you might not get later on when you are caught up in the whirl of the reception.
  3. If there are tears the bride and groom have time to freshen up before photos and the ceremony.
  4. By reducing the time needed for post-ceremony photography, the First Look frees you up to spend more time with friends and family during the cocktail reception.
  5. A First Look doesn’t diminish that special moment when the groom sees his lovely bride coming down the aisle to join him in marriage.

If you opt to do a First Look keep in mind you may get some push-back from tradition-bound parents (and other relatives) who believe seeing each other just before the ceremony is bad luck. This superstition is a throw back to the days when arranged marriages were the norm. Preventing couples from seeing each other before the ceremony guaranteed that no one bolted if they didn’t like the looks of their future spouse.

Many photographers prefer the First Look, but don’t let anyone talk you into this choice. It is your wedding day; make the decision that works best for you and makes you both happy.


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