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Lady Be Good | Kat Langdon

Toronto Jazz Trio, Lady Be Good


Music may be the food of love (thank you Mr. Shakespeare) but when it comes to the musical selections for your wedding you have a veritable smorgasbord of options to consider. From the moment guests arrive to your final dance of the evening, music will literally set the mood for every minute of your wedding day.

I’m very excited to welcome today’s guest blogger, Toronto singer Kat Langdon. Kat is the face and voice of Lady Be Good, a jazz band that also features a healthy dash of R&B. In this post Kat shares the kind of insider musical wisdom that only a professional musician can offer. Take it away Kat!


Probably the most overlooked part of the day. Keeping your guests entertained while they’re arriving sets up the entire ceremony. Live musicians also help when things are running a bit late – your guests will never notice!

Pro tip: If you’re hiring musicians for your ceremony, ask if they can start playing 15 – 20 minutes before the ceremony starts.


The ceremony can be confusing for some couples. Should the bride walk down the aisle to her own song? Does the groom need a song? Do I need to use traditional music? The answer to all these questions: it all depends on what you want!

ProcessionalWhile time does seem to stop when the bride enters, the reality is, the walk lasts approximately 45 seconds. If you want to enter to a special song but you really love the chorus, make sure the musicians know to start at the chorus. They’ll want to get it right! As a band leader, this is one of the best compliments we can receive:

  • “Everyone was speaking after the ceremony about your incredible talent. Thank you so much for your careful attention to detail. You arranged the processional in such a perfect way. Seeing Jenna enter the room just as the chorus hit (thanks to your preparation) was a dream come true. We were so honoured to have you there.” – Mike Anderson, Groom (From Lady Be Good‘s website)
Signing of the registryThis can be an instrumental piece or feature a soloist. If you’re going to use a song with a vocalist, consider the lyrics and their meaning. This is probably the only moment where the bride and groom won’t be the sole focus. As a result, guests will be paying closer attention to the lyrics. Some sweet sounding songs actually have sad lyrics when you really listen – so choose wisely.
RecessionalPersonally, I love something fun for the recessional. You’ve just experienced one of the most joyous events in your life – it’s time for celebration! Think of something upbeat and fun. You’ll be making your grand exit and so will everyone else. Something lively will keep the day moving along.

Pro tip: If you’re having a church wedding, be sure to speak with the venue coordinator ahead of time. Some churches will not allow contemporary music and it’s best to understand these rules before hiring a vendor.


Cocktail Hour

Live music is a fun and cost effective way to liven up cocktail hour. The options are endless! This is a great time to show off your personality. Cocktail hours are generally 1 – 2 hours, so hiring a small band will be be more affordable than for a full reception. If you’re interested in hiring live music for both, some bands offer great packages to cover your whole day (ceremony, cocktail hour and reception).

Pro tip: Get creative with your cocktail hour and don’t be afraid to play to theme. Say you’re having a vintage garden wedding – hire a jazz trio with the look and sound to take your decor over the top!



First dances and family dances are a personal preference and everyone’s wedding will be different. Pick a song that means something to you – it doesn’t have to be ‘wedding perfect’. One of my favourite first dances was to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’. It was perfect for the couple and so much fun to play!

If you’re having trouble thinking of ideas, here are tools to help:

  • Think of a favourite movie you watched together or shared during your life and check the soundtrack,
  • What song was playing when you were laughing the hardest or having a great time?
  • Think of your favourite artists and check their back catalogue.

Pro tip: If you like it, nothing else matters. 


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Thank you Kat! By sharing your thoughts and ideas you have showed us that the soundtrack for the most important day of your life involves so much more than simply choosing a few favourite tunes. Please visit the Lady Be Good website where you can learn more about Kat, the band and listen to some of their kitchen rehearsal sessions.


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