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In last week’s post we discussed which of your wedding vendors traditionally receive tips…and which ones do not.

Today we’re going to get specific and talk dollars and cents. The amounts and percentages listed below are the current norms, but may vary according to where your wedding takes place:

Officiant:  15% of fee, plus travel costs

Religious Officiant:  tips are not expected over and above the donation you make to their house of worship

Musicians:  $20-50 each

DJ: 15% of fee

Maitre d’/Head Waiter:  1-3% of contracted food and beverage price

Chef:  $100+

Bartenders:  10% of bar total or $50-100 each

Servers:  $20+ each

Washroom/Coatroom Attendants:  $1-2 per guest per attendant

Drivers (Limo, bus, etc.):  15% of contracted fee

Parking Attendants:  $1-2 per car

Valet Parking:  15% of contracted fee

Remember you do not have to provide an additional tip if a gratuity has been factored into your original quote and contract. However, if you are so blown away by exemplary service that you feel the vendor deserves a more generous gratuity that choice is totally up to you.

Gratuities can add hundreds of dollars to your wedding budget. It’s best to factor those amounts into your original wedding budget and avoid last minute financial surprises.







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