And the Gold for Cutest Olympic Couple Goes To…




Are you obsessed with the Sochi Olympics? Me too. The TV is on constantly – a bit of a distraction when you work from home as I do – but there’s no substitute for catching sports history as it happens. Or great Olympic love.

Early Monday morning I was groggily listening to the radio from my cozy bed when the announcer said that short track speed skater Charles Hamelin would be racing in the 1,500 shortly. I flew downstairs in record time (is there an Olympic medal for that category?) so I could watch the race live.

Charles did not disappoint, winning his first Gold in that event (and his fourth medal overall, including the two he won in Vancouver, and a silver in Turin in 2006.)

Following his flag draped victory lap around the ice Charles made his way to the boards where his girlfriend, a very happy Marianne St-Gelais, was waiting. And there, with the world watching, they kissed. Repeating one of our favourite moments from the Vancouver games.

Talking to reporters later Marianne (herself a medal winning speed skater) said,

“We know how it’s going to happen. If we can see each other, if we have eye contact, we’re done. We have to kiss each other, we have to hug each other.”

Said Hamelin,

“All these great moments I want to have them with her because she’s the love of my life.”

The deep loving bond these two so obviously feel for each other is as inspiring as their athletic prowess and Olympic achievements. When all is said and done, great success is sweeter when you have someone to share it with.


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