Baseball & Weddings. More in Common Than You’d Think.

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Sometimes blog inspiration just knocks you on the head, right out of left field.

This morning, in that fuzzy netherworld between dozing and awake, I heard a quote on the 6:30 CBC sports broadcast that woke me right up:

“…. it’s about paying attention to detail, about taking time to get things right, about making sure you do everything you have to do.”

Hey, I thought, that’s exactly what I do!

The unlikely source of my inspiration? The Toronto Blue Jays bench coach Don Wakamatsu.

You see, before every game Mr. Wakamatsu writes out the team’s player line-up cards. In Gothic calligraphy.

Not what you’d expect in major league baseball but, as Mr. Wakamatsu says, his attention to this detail sends a very clear message to the team:  small things matter.

Of course, this is so very true of my job as a wedding designer and coordinator. It’s the attention to the gazillion small details that helps your day run smoothly and allows you, the happy couple, to relax and simply enjoy what should be the best day of your lives.

From the earliest days of planning to the day of, a wedding presents thousands of details to every couple. It can be overwhelming. The role of a coordinator is to help you sift through these details. And while there are countless details to consider leading up to your special day, perhaps our greatest value is on your actual wedding day when we work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring no detail – however small – is overlooked. As Don Wakamatsu says, “small things matter.”

Don, you are so right. If this baseball thing doesn’t work out maybe you should consider a career in wedding planning?

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