Bra Buying 101 for Brides

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Today’s guest blogger is Amie Heenan, co-owner of Toronto’s Melmira Bras & Swimsuits. Today is Part One of Amie’s two-part post on how properly fitted foundation garments can transform the fit and look of bridal wear for both the bride and her bridesmaids. Take it away Amie!

Melmira Bras & Swimwear, Toronto

Image Courtesy of Melmira Bras & Swimwear


Do you remember the first time you imagined your wedding day?  Likely, it was years before you met your Prince Charming!  If you are like most women finding the perfect dress that complements both your taste and your figure will be an incredibly memorable experience.  What brides don’t often consider, however, is that the lingerie that goes under the wedding dress can add that extra bit of magic, and will help to make the dress all that it can be!


Finding the right bra – never mind the right one for your wedding dress – can be frustrating. Often, we shop with our eyes and see things we love, not realizing that they may not be the perfect fit, size or style. Being fit by an expert fitter who knows the products by heart, offers you new insight and a fresh perspective. You see options that you may not have even known were possible. You should feel special in your “foundations” as they are the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off in the evening.

How do I know what bra to wear under my dress?

The more important question is WHEN should you shop for the bra for your dress.  While it is fun to explore your options, and try on as many dresses as you can, before you commit to a particular dress style ask yourself if you are being realistic.  While fitting specialists will work one on one with you to find underpinnings for even the most challenging dresses, it is important to be realistic if you want to look perfect!  The same applies to your bridesmaids dresses.  For example, if you or any of your bridesmaids have a fuller bust line relative to the back, try your best to avoid backless, strapless dresses!  The best practice is to come in for a fitting before you decide on the style of dress, and most certainly before you have the dress altered.  Finding undergarments that make you look and feel great will help to make your fairytale come true!

What size should I wear? 

The first thing to realize is that you cannot define yourself by a size. Your size can vary depending on the designer, the style, and even the colour (black is often tighter than nude).  What is important in all sizes is that the bra fits comfortably snug and parallel, front-to-back, on the loosest hook. Over time, the bra will stretch, and you can tighten the back by using the tighter hooks. When the back rides up, the front sits lower, and the straps often dig in, or fall off the shoulders. Your straps basically bridge the front of the bra with the back, and do not contribute to the support in a bra. Tightening the straps to lift the front will only lift the back of the bra, further lowering the bust, and the vicious cycle begins!

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