Casting Call for GTA & Ottawa Area Couples



Much of what we see on wedding themed reality TV is pretty awful. Bridezillas. Groomzillas. Spendthrift couples. Gown shopping diva brides. Competitive judge-y brides. Enough already. Time for something different. Something real.

Let’s Get Hitched is a new CBC documentary series that will introduce viewers to couples who have opted for a decidedly lower key affair:  a simple wedding at city hall. The polar opposite of much of what we see on TV, this new series claims it’s not a show about weddings, it’s about love.

The producers, Pivotal Media, are looking for real-life couples planning on getting hitched at Toronto or Ottawa city hall in August or September 2014 to share their love story.

If this sounds like you (or someone you know) contact Pivotal Media at 647-837-3327 or fill out an application form online.


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