Everyone Loves a Barn Wedding


Fields on West Lake


Cambium-Farm-CaledonLast summer I had the most wonderful experience of working with Andrea and Dan on their wedding celebration luncheon in Dan’s family barn. More recently I met with a couple hoping to find the perfect barn venue for their wedding later this year.

Doesn’t everyone love a barn wedding?


Gambrel Barn

Whether your style is pure L’il Abner country hoedown or Luxe Rustic, the appeal of a barn wedding pulls at the heartstrings of many couples. And if, unlike Andrea and Dan, you don’t have access to a private barn do not despair. If you’re prepared to venture a bit from Toronto you’ll find a few wonderful options.



Like these:

Sequel Inn and Barn, Creemore

Cambium Farms, Caledon

Belcroft Estates, Gilford (south of Barrie)

The Gambrel Barn, Milton

Hernder Estate Wines, St. Catharines   

Fields on West Lake, Prince Edward County

All of the above are beautiful choices, each with their own unique history and style. More important, they are managed by professionals who understand how to make these unique spaces shine on your special day.


Belcroft Estate

A word of warning:  barn venues are extremely popular so be prepared to be flexible with your dates. And since barn venues are slightly off the beaten path remember to give careful consideration to the travel and accommodation burden on your guests.

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And if you need a helping hand to bring your barn wedding together, give me a call!



Hernder Estate










3 Responses to “Everyone Loves a Barn Wedding”

  1. Santana Says:

    Wedding date is September 30th, 2017. Hoping to see what you can offer for that date. Approx 200 people.
    Kind regards!!

  2. Megan Says:

    I’m planning my wedding at Century Barn in Cavan, Ontario! You haven’t included on your list but its a great venue.

  3. Christine March Says:

    Megan, thanks for your comments. When I published the barn venues blog I hadn’t yet visited Century Barn. I agree, it’s a wonderful venue and I’m sure your wedding will be spectacular. If you need a hand pulling all the details together, give me a call. Barn weddings are a specialty of mine and I’d love to work with you at that beautiful venue.

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