Fall Is The New June



Remember when June was the big month for weddings? How long ago was that? If it seems like ages it’s because June hasn’t held the #1 Wedding Month title for a few years.

According to a survey by Weddingbells magazine, 65% of weddings in Canada will occur between June and September, with August being the most popular month. I haven’t done an official survey, but I would say (and many of my colleagues would agree) that September and October are now the most popular months. How did these late season upstarts shove June aside?

  1. Summer holidays are over so most of your guests should be available to attend your wedding.
  2. The farther you get from summer, the greater the savings. A fall Friday wedding will likely be less expensive than a Saturday mid-summer wedding.
  3. Fall generally has less extreme weather. The chances of your guests dying from heat and humidity in late September or October are pretty much nil, compared to July or August. And autumn thunder storms are more rare than summer storms.
  4. Fall colours provide a beautiful backdrop for outdoor wedding photography.

There are two popular theories explaining how June became the most popular wedding month. The month of June is named for the goddess Juno, the protector of women in all aspects of their lives, but especially marriage and childbearing. The second theory stems from the Celtic calendar. On the Cross-Quarter Day of Beltane, or May Day (May 1), young couples would pair off to court for three months and then be wed on the next Cross-Quarter Day (Lammas Day, August 1). But the impatient youths cut the waiting period short from August to mid-June.

Sorry June, you’ve had your moment in the sun.

I’ve had a flurry of interest in recent weeks from couples hoping to marry next September or October. Sadly I had to turn a couple away because of an October date conflict. My advice to you? If you think you’d like to hold your wedding next fall get moving now! Venues and vendors are being snapped up.

If you can’t find your perfect venue for a September or October wedding, but have your heart set on an autumn celebration, don’t rule out November. Early November can be lovely. The fact is, we can never guarantee that Mother Nature will give you the perfect day. One of the chilliest weddings I ever attended was a July celebration a few years ago. The day was cold, overcast and windy. Thank goodness the bride and groom had planned an indoor ceremony and reception.

Every season has its charms, but more couples are being lured by the delights of a fall wedding.


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