Flowers – Your Most Beautiful Wedding Day Accessory

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Don’t you love this time of year when the gardens, trees and parks all are bursting into life? After months of cold and dreary drabness our eyes can feast on all the colours springing forth (pun intended) from Mother Earth. The essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said Earth “laughs in flowers.” So true. This is a happy time of year.

As someone who has worked with flowers for years – as a florist, as a gardener and as a wedding planner – a bride who says flowers aren’t important to her always stuns me.

I quite simply just don’t understand this thinking. I once assisted with a wedding where the bride and her bridesmaids carried plastic flowers. Plastic. At her wedding. Her wedding that took place, ironically, in a public garden amongst beautiful blooming plants, shrubs and trees.

Somehow I kept my (very very strong) thoughts to myself.

Flowers and weddings have a long and fascinating history going back to ancient times when brides carried herbs, spices, even garlic. Back then bouquets had very practical purposes such as warding off evil spirits, encouraging fertility, or shielding the bride from her malodorous guests. (Remember, there was a time when bathing was thought to bring on disease. I know.  Eeewwww.)



You don’t have to be a botanist to appreciate the fact that Nature delights us all; it seems to be part of what makes us human. So bring nature into your wedding celebration. It is a timeless tradition – rooted in superstition and myth, yes – but there is no more beautiful way to accessorize your day.


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