From Friend to Friendor to Frenemy

Don't Hire Friends

Your Friendor DJ Jake, After a Few Shots


Friendor, Definition from The Urban Dictionary:

“A friend whose skills are employed as a vendor at an event or a wedding. Results may vary, as some friendors are highly skilled…while others are not.”

You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful wedding cake. Or, you can accept your MOH’s Mom’s offer to do your cake; her gift to you. After all, her amazing chocolate chunk shortbread is to die for. Surely her wedding cake will be just as delicious. Think of the savings!

Or how about when your buddy Jake, who has the most awesome iTunes playlist, offers to play DJ at your wedding? The only payment Jake expects is a few beers. Think of the savings!

Actually: think of the drama!

For any couple keeping a close eye on their wedding budget (that would be most) it’s hard to resist when well-meaning friends offer their services.

But your friends are your friends. And presumably you want them to still be your friends when your wedding is long over. Many a friendship has been ruined when couples hire friendors. So please listen carefully: Do Not Hire Friends to Work Your Wedding. Hire professional vendors who will work very hard to ensure your wedding is everything you hope it will be.

Your wedding vendors are employees. Your friends are special and precious. Blur the two and you are begging for disaster.

Like most things in life we get what we pay for.

You can’t put a price on friendship. When you hire friendors you run the risk of losing those friends. And that’s just too high a price to pay.


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