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Tipping Vendors | Wedding Budgets


One of the hidden costs of your wedding will be tips.

Is that a groan I just heard? I’m sorry to say that over and above the amounts you will pay out to your vendors there will also be tips. Those extra payments can add up to hundreds of dollars and throw off your carefully itemized wedding budget. Factor them in right at the beginning to avoid any last minute financial surprises. But before you calculate tip amounts check your contracts as many vendors will have already factored in a gratuity. If this is the case there is no need for your to add a gratuity on top of a gratuity.

You may be the bride and groom but you are also the hosts and it is always the host who is responsible for disbursing tips.  Tip jars are tacky. This is your wedding, not your local bar. Your guests are not responsible for tipping anyone at your wedding reception.

What confounds many couples is understanding who gets a tip, and who doesn’t.

Vendors that generally receive a tip: officiant (if not affiliated with a house of worship), bartenders, serving staff, chef, coat room and washroom attendants, Maitre d’ or head waiter, musicians, DJ.

Vendors that traditionally do not receive a tip: wedding planner, florist, photographer, videographer, cake designer, venue events coordinator.

Put tips into labelled envelopes for distribution during the reception – a task that is usually delegated to the best man, the bride’s father or your wedding planner/coordinator.

If a tip isn’t expected but you want to express how pleased you were with a service remember that everyone appreciates a handwritten thank you note.

A tip is a bonus; something you provide to say, “Wow, your service went above and beyond our expectations.” If you are not happy with a vendor’s services you are not obligated to provide a tip.

This article from provides more information on who to tip, and how much.





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