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Toronto Island Wedding | Gibraltar Point

Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands
Photo by Mango Studios


I was doing some digging around in Google Analytics the other day and realised that the most popular search terms directing people to my website include phrases like barn venues, rustic venues, weddings by the water and the like. It took me a few moments to truly understand what the common denominator is with these terms:  biophilia.

I can hear you saying, “OK Ms Smartypants. What the heck is biophilia?”

The term was coined by the biologist (and international ant authority – seriously, the man’s an ant expert) E.O. Wilson.  According to the Oxford Dictionary biophilia means “an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world.

As Earth Week draws to a close it’s fascinating to remember that feeling drawn to the natural world is in our DNA. Is it any surprise that couples often seek that connection when considering wedding venues?

Some of the most popular wedding locations couples seek out in Toronto and Southern Ontario include:

Barn Venues

Cottage Country/Campgrounds



It doesn’t take a scientist to see all of these venues share a profound connection to the natural world. It may be unconscious, but couples are drawn to spaces that provide blue skies, crystal cool water, sand, fields, flowers and trees.

Beyond the connection to nature, these venues conjure up images and memories (real and imagined) of the simpler days of childhood: summers at the cottage or at camp; picking berries on the farm with grandma and grandpa; frolicking in the waves or building sandcastles on the beach. A time of freedom, wonder, and quiet pleasures.

On the most important day of your life you’ll want your dearest family and friends standing with you in celebration. But sometimes the special guest of honour is one you may not even be conscious of:  Mother Nature.


Toronto Garden Wedding | Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding

Toronto Botanical Garden
Photo by Tami McInnis



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