Let’s Get This Party Started!

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Shakespeare famously wrote “If music be the food of love, play on.”

But music isn’t just the food of love; it’s the essential ingredient for a rockin’ reception.

After you and your beloved dazzle your guests with your first dance, it’s time to get the party started. And the key to that party is getting people up dancing the night away. Music makes the magic happen.

When it comes to selecting music your choices are pretty straightforward. Let’s look at the options and price points:


1. DIY iPod Playlist


– your least expensive option

– you handpick literally every single song to be played


– sound quality – is your iPod compatible with your venue’s system?

– will you have to provide speakers and amplifiers?

– have you selected songs that will get your guests up on to the dance floor?

– an iPod can’t “read” a room like a DJ or live band can

– what’s the Plan B if the iPod dies?

– who will be responsible for running the iPod?


2. DJ


– a good DJ will read your crowd and keep the party hopping

– can provide the widest range of music

– brings his own speakers and amplifiers

– will coordinate with your venue to ensure all the technical requirements are met

– has back-up equipment in the event of technical issues

– has colleagues he can call on in the unlikely event he’s not able to fulfill his contract

– can also act as your MC


– if you hire a professional there are very few, if any.


3. Live Band


– you can’t beat the energy a tight, professional band brings to an event

– a good band is versatile, playing styles to suit all moods

– adds a touch of class to your reception (unless you hire Nickelback in which case we need to talk)


– this is your most expensive option


Whatever you choose always check with your venue to see if there are technical restrictions. Your venue will also let you know if there are any noise by-laws that must be adhered to and might cut short your evening.

There’s nothing sadder than an empty dance floor. With excellent planning you can ensure everyone, from the wee kiddies to your Great Granny, is on the dance floor, shaking their booty all night long. And you’ll be happy knowing you’ve given your friends and family a night to remember.


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    DJs offer a ton of great benefits and can help set the tone and vibe of any event. In my opinion, it’s an option worth looking into for any big event, especially a wedding. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great party post, interesting blog, thank you for sharing the blog.

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