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Neill Strain | UK Floral Design

Beautiful Church Entryway by Neill Strain Floral Couture


If you follow this blog you know I am an unabashed Anglophile. I can directly point the finger of blame at Mary Poppins. Watching Julie Andrews soar over the London rooftops when I was a kid lit a flame in me that burns bright to this day.

I have spent many happy days in London. My husband and I got engaged in London – at the Cadogan Arms pub on King’s Road. I subscribe to a UK blog called Anglotopia that helps feed my obsession. I love Downton Abbey, Dr. Lucy Worsley, Father Brown Mysteries and the Great British Bake-Off. An original framed black and white photo of  Twiggy, the personification of swinging 1960s London, graces a wall near my workspace. And nothing makes me happier than a royal wedding.

Jamie Aston | Wedding Florals

Image Courtesy of Jamie Aston

Is it any wonder that I am completely enamoured of British floral design? I am quite convinced that the British approach floral design with a degree of intensity that is unmatched. Is it due to the influence of the late, great Constance Spry, the Englishwoman who turned stuffy floral design on its head back in the 1920s? Is it because flowers and gardening seem to be in the national DNA? Patricia Patrick, an instructor at the Professional Floral Design course at Seneca College confirmed my suspicions in a recent interview. Born in the UK, Patricia says that flowers are simply an ingrained aspect of daily life over there. For generations Moms have picked up a lovely bouquet from the local florist, or placed a posy of fresh cuttings from the garden on the kitchen table. Flowers were, and are, as much a part of daily life as food and football.

Fresh Floral Co | London Florists | English Floral Design

Image Courtesy of Fresh Floral Co.

Two of these great passions – all things Brit and all things floral – come together in Flowerona, the inspirational floral website and blog created by Rona Wheeldon. How lucky am I that my sister lives in London.  I have just arrived here in London to spend some quality time with her…and, with input from Rona’s lovely blog, I have compiled this list of must-see floral shops that I plan to visit.

Mary Jane Vaughan | Mantel Flowers

Image Courtesy of Mary Jane Vaughan

I don’t fully understand my obsession with all things British, but I do know that the floral creations produced by UK designers delight my eye and influence my taste in wedding floral design. Stay tuned for flowery dispatches from London in the coming few weeks!


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