Memories Fade; Photographs Remain

Beautiful Bride

Photo by Ron Wood, Heartline Pictures


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Look at these two brides. Which one do you think will enjoy looking at her wedding album in a few years? The bride on top, whose natural beauty and inner glow were captured brilliantly by Heartline’s Ron Wood, or the Disney Princess wanna-be, smiling soporifically as she emerges from the centre of a rose, surrounded by twinkly Tinkerbell lights?

Recently good friends of mine celebrated a significant wedding anniversary. Here’s how they marked this very special occasion:  they curled up in front of a cozy fire at home with a nice bottle of wine and their wedding album. They spent the evening happily reminiscing.

I hope they said a silent thank you to their wedding photographer for providing those wonderful memories. And I hope they patted themselves on the back for having the good sense to hire a professional photographer.

Every couple wants to save money on their wedding, but if there’s one area (besides the venue and food) you do not want to scrimp it’s your wedding photography.

Many years hence, when you’re both old and grey, and your lovely wedding day is just a warm but vague memory, you will be very happy you hired a professional photographer. So if your good friend with the expensive digital camera and mad photoshop skills has offered to be your wedding photographer, take a long moment to consider the benefits of hiring a pro. (And believe me when I tell you that hiring a friendor might be one of your biggest mistakes. But we’ll tackle that topic in a future blog post.)



The quality of a professional’s work speaks for itself. Wedding photography is their JOB, not their hobby. Many excellent photographers are self-taught but the three artists I’ve featured in this blog have also studied photography. In Ron’s case, he also teaches photography at Toronto’s OCADU.

Beyond providing technical and artistic expertise a pro will often provide a second shooter. No photographer can be in two places at once; a second shooter ensures as many wonderful candid images as possible are captured. And a professional will provide a qualified replacement should the unthinkable happen at the last minute, preventing he/she from photographing your wedding. (This is a highly unlikely scenario but we planners are always asking: what’s the Plan B?) Most important: the quality of their work will be timeless, providing you and your family with happy memories for years to come.

Many years hence each bride in this post will pull out her wedding album. I think we know which ones will be glad they hired a professional photographer.


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