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Does it ever seem to you each passing day brings us a new wedding trend?  The Trend Pundits are constantly ambushing us with the latest and the greatest…whatever. What’s hot? What’s not? Vintage? Gatsby? Rustic Luxe? Sixties Pop Art? Victorian Steampunk?

Looking to the trends for inspiration is fine. The trick is to not become slaves to the trends and lose yourselves in the process.

One of my major sources of inspiration transcends all of the others and it never goes out of style:   the inherent beauty of each season.

Winter:  Right now we’re in the midst of one of the coldest winters in years. But there is beauty in these chilly days. As I write this the air is frigid but the sky is a clear sunny blue and the ground is covered in pure white snow (with more to come.) As legendary chansonnier Quebecois Gilles Vigneault sings “Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver. (“My country isn’t a country, it’s winter.”)

Winter, the season that defines us as a nation also makes a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. Snow, ice crystals, evergreens. Saying your vows in front of a crackling fire. You and your loved ones gathered in a cozy space to celebrate your marriage. What could be nicer?

Venue Inspiration: The historic mansions of The Estates of Sunnybrook. Choose from three gorgeous venues set on 40 acres, tucked behind Sunnybrook Hospital.


Spring:  When everything seems fresh and new, spring is our reward for surviving winter. The season of new growth and hope is the perfect metaphor for you as you embark on your new life together. The days get longer, the sun gets a bit warmer, the snow melts and suddenly beautiful blooms are everywhere. In spring our menu choices lighten up; think local lamb and asparagus, early spring greens, lemon mousse cake.

Venue Inspiration:  Toronto Botanical Garden. Spring comes alive in the TBG’s 17 themed gardens and their various event spaces blur the lines between indoors and out.


YRCYC|Wedding|Toronto Islands

Summer:   Glorious summer: hot sunny days and warm evenings, roses, peonies and a wedding by the water. Everything is better in the summer: the food, the clothes, the music.

Venue Inspiration:  Royal Canadian Yacht Club. We are so lucky to have the Toronto Islands right on our doorstep; the perfect location for your summer wedding by the water. Enjoy an outdoor ceremony, dance with the sound of the water lapping on the shore, and cap off the evening with sparklers under a starlit summer sky. Sigh.



Fall:   The last gasp before we settle in for winter hibernation. But Mother Nature does go out with a bang. Those spectacular autumn colours are a stunning backdrop for your perfect day.  And the secret is out: weddings in the months of September through November are on the rise.

Venue Inspiration:  Camp Tawingo. Is anything more beautiful a rustic lakeside setting in Ontario’s fabled cottage country? Imagine arriving at your camp venue in a classic cedar strip canoe and marrying your beloved under a canopy of pines and maples, loons singing from the lake. Magic.


Ultimately your personal style and interests, your family traditions, your stories, all of these will and should influence the look and feel of your wedding. But underpinning all these influences is Mother Nature. When you let her set the mood, you can’t go wrong.


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