Please Don’t Eat the Daisies* – or the Orchids – or the Callas…



True confession:  I wear my love of flowers on my sleeve. When considering elements for their bouquets and reception decor, brides have many options (feathers and brooches come to mind), but I truly believe beautiful blooms artfully arranged can’t be beat. (You can imagine my horror when I once worked on a wedding where the bride and her bridesmaids carried plastic flowers. Unthinkable!)

Having said that, there is one place where fresh flowers absolutely do not belong: directly on your wedding cake.


We see images like this and drool:

Wedding Cake with Calla Lilies


But I urge you: don’t be seduced. Those beautiful flowers may just send your guests home with food poisoning, or worse.

For starters, not all blooms are edible. In fact some, such as calla lilies (seen on the cake above) are outright poisonous.

And let’s consider the life cycle of a typical flower:  grown in a greenhouse in South America where it is sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals; handled by a variety of workers; wrapped in packaging and then packed in boxes; loaded onto planes and sent to wholesalers around the world. The flowers are then sold to retail florists who further manually process the blooms to prepare them for design work.

That’s a lot of handling. The risk of contamination is unavoidable at every step.

One word comes to mind:  eeeeeewwwwwwwww.

But you can have your cake, and eat it too.

Professional cake designers work in licensed commercial kitchens. They are trained in the safe handling of food. Florists are not, and the blooms they work with – even those that are locally grown and organic – are not grown with eating in mind.

We are very fortunate here in Toronto and the GTA. There are many talented cake designers creating the most breathtaking cakes decorated with stunning sugar flowers. Take a look at this beauty from Toronto’s Connie Cupcake:



Or this detail, below, from Sweet Celebrations Cakes:

Wedding Cake Detail from Sweet Sensations Cakes


It’s hard to believe these blooms aren’t real, but skillfully crafted with sugar & gum paste.

Beautiful to look at AND safe to eat.

Yes, you may save a few dollars using real flowers, but at what cost?


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*A 1960 movie starring Doris Day and David Niven.

You will find a comprehensive list of non-edible blooms here.


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