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Randy Fenoli’s Top Wedding Trends

Last month TLC aired a TV special featuring everyone’s favourite wedding expert, Say Yes to the Dress star Randy Fenoli, discussing his top wedding trends. In case you missed it, your faithful servant (moi) watched intensely, pen and notebook in hand. Here’s the re-cap:


Inspired By

Couples are finding their wedding inspiration from a wide range of sources including movies, royalty, celebrity weddings. Randy’s advice: take inspiration but don’t be a copy cat. Be yourselves, not a clone of William and Kate.

Short & Sweet

That would be dresses. There’s no law that says you have to go all full throttle ball gown on your big day.

Perfect Hair

Thanks to the magic of hair extensions every bride can have a thick, luscious style-able mane.

Own Your Own Theme

Remember, it’s a wedding. Not Halloween. Or a five year old’s birthday party.

Brilliant Bouquets

Your bouquet can be more than simply a posy of lovely flowers. It should complement your theme and be meaningful. Think peonies from your Mom’s garden; a bouquet  of brooches from your granny’s jewellery box


Bling should enhance, not overwhelm. Nothing should out sparkle the bride.

Pretty in Ink

Tattoos are coming out from the shadows. Your tattoos are part of you and your story. Try to work with them, rather than hide them away. (Sorry Mom.)

Blush is the New White

For brides who don’t want to wear white – but don’t want to stray too far from tradition, blush is an elegant and timeless colour choice. Also popular for bridesmaids dresses and in bouquets.

Honouring Family

Your wedding is the perfect day to honour and celebrate your family. From displaying photos of parents and grandparents, to re-fashioning your grandmother’s veil, to special foods, there are countless ways to tell your family you love them and are proud of your history.

Surprise Second Look

Why wear one dress when you can wear two? Many brides are choosing two dresses: one for the ceremony and a second dress for the reception.

The Last Word (from me)

Trends are fun but they come and go. As  Randy wisely suggests, use them as inspiration; don’t get too caught up with trying to replicate the hot trend de jour. (This year’s Radiant Orchid will soon be last year’s Emerald Green.) Focus on what matters to you and your beloved. A loving and authentic celebration that reflects you as a couple, your family, your traditions and values will be so much more meaningful than another Gatsby-themed extravaganza.

And when in doubt remember my mantra:  class and elegance never go out of style.


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