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A Beautiful Use of Colour
Photo Courtesy of Mango Studio

If you wanted to send me over the moon when I was a kid all you had to do was give me the biggest box of Crayola Crayons. That box contained 64 beautiful colours and I still remember my favourite was Peacock Blue. Those crayons and a giant pad of newsprint paper and I was happy for hours. Lost in the worlds created by my young imagination.

Colour has always made me happy. Still does. Many things inspire me as I work with couples to design a beautiful wedding day, but colour will always be at the top of the list. We are all affected by colour – often without even being aware of its affects on our brain and mood. Colour can make us happy. (Hello Orange!) Calm us down. (Thank you Blue.) Alert us to danger. (Red, you saved my life!)  Colour is powerful and is one of the most important elements you’ll use to create your perfect wedding day.

It’s been said that the human eye can perceive 10 million different colours. So how in the world do you choose a colour scheme for your wedding? Complementary?  Monochromatic? The pop of primary colours? Soothing pastels? Rich jewel tones?

Feeling a tad overwhelmed? Don’t be. Help abounds for the colour-challenged – no Fine Arts degree required. Two of my favourite on-line colour resources are The Perfect Palette and Colour Lovers. Each illustrates many examples of beautiful colour combinations.

I also recommend you check out the film (courtesy of Honey and Dear and The Wedding Co blog) of this recent Toronto wedding. You’ll see how the elegant grey and soft apricot colour scheme has been used to perfection. Note how the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s attire blends beautifully with the flowers, the stunning chapel and the reception venue. The gorgeous florals extend and enhance the colour scheme. The overall effect is stunning.

For your own wedding consider the feel and mood you wish to convey. Think about the formality of your wedding, the architecture and decor of your ceremony and reception venues, the season in which you’ll be married.

Your perfect palette is out there. It might be in a box of crayons, a Pantone colour fan, or it might be in the bridal colour trends of 2013.

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