The Gift That Unleashed a Firestorm

This gift basket annoyed a rude bride.

Photo by The Hamilton Spectactor


Unless you’ve been living in a cave in Borneo you’ve heard the story of the extraordinarily rude bride who let a guest know that she was, shall we say, disappointed with a wedding gift.

This bride’s rudeness is without question and has unleashed a firestorm of discussion around wedding gift etiquette – and wedding etiquette in general.

Blog posts, newspaper articles, heck, even the CBC has weighed in on this conversation. Yesterday a producer for their afternoon program Here and Now asked me to come down to the studio to discuss this story and field calls from listeners. That 15 minute segment could easily have been stretched to 15 hours. People have strong opinions about this matter.

When we boil down this mess we find four key points:

• every gift – yes, even the inappropriate/cheap/weird ones – deserve a thoughtful, handwritten thank you note

• your wedding is not an opportunity to make money

• your guests should NOT be expected to offset the costs of your wedding

• greed + bad manners + social media = viral firestorm

To quote the great Ron Burgundy:  stay classy people. Stay classy.

Ron Burgundy Stay Classy

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