The Rear View



My Mom came of age during the 40s and 50s; a time when women’s fashion was arguably at its most elegant. It was a time when women (and men) routinely wore hats. Freed of the limitations of the war years women flaunted their figures with cinched waists and full skirts, and everyone knew the sign of a put together ensemble: matching purse, gloves and shoes.

Mom is also a seamstress. She understands the importance of a properly positioned dart. And her seams? Straight as an arrow. Of course.

Although she would never describe herself as a fashionista Mom has always followed a few basic rules throughout her life that have served her (and my sister and me) well.

One of her best pieces of advice: always check the rear view. These words of wisdom will never be more relevant than when you are shopping for the most important dress you will ever wear:  your wedding gown.


Take a close, critical look at how your dress looks from the rear. Remember, as you walk up the aisle and stand in front of the congregation as you and your beloved say your vows, what will your guests see? You got it:  your rear view.

As these dresses so beautifully illustrate, your rear view can be almost as stunning, as the front view:


Gown by BHLDN

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