The Superheroes Who Will Save Your Wedding Day


Happy Bride | Relaxed Bride

     Why is this bride so relaxed? She knows the Superheroes are taking care of everything.


It’s been my good fortune to be involved in the planning and execution of dozens of weddings over the years. I’m happy to report that most run like clockwork. Hooray for me. (Sorry for the shameless self-congratulatory moment.) The payoff of hiring a good wedding planner is a wedding day that runs without a hitch.

And yet…

…sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. On those (rare) occasions when glitches threaten to derail a well-planned event I know there are two superheroes I can turn to for support and assistance. They don’t wear capes or weirdly coloured full-body spandex, but they care about your wedding day, almost as much as you and I do.

Superhero #1 – The Venue Banquet Manager

When you’re shopping for your wedding venue your main contact will likely be a sales person. She or he will give you the tour, provide a quote and work with you as you and your planner fine-tune the details of your day. But that person disappears on the wedding day itself. The job of overseeing your wedding reception falls to the venue’s Banquet Manager. He or she liaises with the kitchen, bar and serving staff – and your planner – to ensure your wedding reception flows as smoothly as possible. It is the Banquet Manager who will adapt and improvise if the wedding timeline is altered for any reason. It’s very likely you won’t meet this Superhero at all (unless you’re acting as your own wedding coordinator, which is nuts by the way), but he or she will be there making sure you and your beloved have a night to remember.

Superhero #2 – Your DJ

Yes, your DJ’s role is often so much more than just providing the soundtrack to your rockin’ party. The DJ keeps your guests entertained when unexpected delays or schedule changes throw things off. If your DJ is also acting as your MC – as many do – he (or she) will keep your guests entertained while behind-the-scenes drama works itself out. A good DJ works closely with your planner, reads your crowd, and responds accordingly. Your DJ is a trained professional who adapts and adjusts his role to accommodate the changing nature of your reception.

As a planner/coordinator I can honestly say that these two Superheroes are who I rely on when things threaten to veer off course, even if just slightly. Together, we three form a cohesive support system that ensures you have the best wedding and celebration possible.

Have another look at the relaxed, happy bride at the top of this post. She’s completely unaware of the behind-the-scenes drama at her wedding. Thanks to the smooth, stealth work of her wedding superheroes:  her planner, banquet manager and DJ, all this bride knows is that her wedding celebration is amazing. And that’s the way it should be.


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