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I posted this originally in late 2012 but the message is timeless. The power of saying thank you and expressing your gratitude cannot be overstated.

Two words. A simple phrase. But, oh, so powerful.

Recently I contributed a generous donation to a deserving fundraising event; something I’ve supported for years. The event itself was weeks ago.

Have I received a thank you for my contribution? I think you know the answer.

As a newly engaged couple you are going to be wined, dined, celebrated, showered and, most important, married. People are going to wish you well, give you gifts, shelter your out-of-town guests, take time out of their own busy lives – sometimes at great personal inconvenience and expense – to help you celebrate your happy and important milestone.

At the very least – the very least – these people deserve a proper thank you.

Contrary to popular myth a newly married couple does not have a full year to send out thank you cards. The Emily Post Institute recommends three months following receipt of the gift. Many etiquette specialists (and I agree with this) say thank you cards should go out within three months of the wedding, regardless of whether or not a guest has sent a gift. Every guest deserves the courtesy of a proper, personal thank you. Remember, people have taken time from their lives to join in your celebration. If a gift should arrive after the thank you card has been mailed, send a second card as soon as possible, acknowledging their generous gift.

Many couples like to include a photo with their thank you cards. A lovely idea as long as waiting for your photos to arrive isn’t pushing your thank you timeline into “rude” territory. If you haven’t received your photos within the three-month timeframe send out your thanks without the pictures. You can always include the photo in a Christmas card.

And, for the record, distributing pre-printed stock thank you cards to every guest at the wedding is not appropriate. Expressing the words “thank you” is a very personal expression between you and your guest. Pre-printed cards are simply rude.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear what the Etiquette Gurus at the Emily Post Institute have to say:

“First of all, stationery is the operative word here: No fill-in-the-blank cards, no pre-     printed cards, no phone calls, no emails and no generic post on your website.”

Sending a proper thank you is the right thing to do and your guests will be very appreciative of this simple, but thoughtful gesture. Take the time to do it properly.

Click HERE to learn more about the etiquette of the thank you card.

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  1. Colburn/LoRé Says:

    Touché!!! Excellent!


  2. Officiant SARAH BUNNETT-GIBSON Says:

    Hey .– It’s me again .
    Thank you ! — short sweet and magical .Is there any part of our lives where hearing this expression, these kind words. Does not give us some happiness? Nope! — Emailed template cold three sentences from brides for a great gift is not enough.—-And. -Never will be .

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