Three (Affordable) Industrial Chic Venues You Will Love

Gibson Centre | Alliston, ON | Industrial Chic Venues

The Gibson Cultural Centre


For many couples, there comes the terrible moment during the venue search when you realize there is a disconnect between what you love, and what you can afford. And that’s when reality bites.

You love the industrial chic vibe of downtown Toronto venues such as The Burroughes, 2nd Floor Events, or The Aperture Room, but just can’t make the dollars work.

Don’t give up! I have a solution!

Today we’re going to visit three venues that provide a similar look, at a much friendlier price point, just an hour or two out of town.

Seat belts on? Let’s go.


Dominion Telegraph Event Centre | Paris, ON venues

The Dominion Telegraph Event Centre, Photo by Wendy Alana

Venue:  The Dominion Telegraph Event Centre, Paris, ON

Recently I spent a beautiful Saturday in Paris, ON exploring venues with my son and his fiancee. (Exploring venues with your kid and his fiancee is this wedding planner’s idea of a dream day.) Paris is Erin’s hometown so it was a top consideration for their wedding celebration. Paris lays claim to the title “Prettiest Little Town in Canada” – fully justified based on what I saw. Paris is a hidden gem, located at the forks of two rivers, with a bustling downtown core that is undergoing a bit of a renaissance. Our destination venue was the Dominion Telegraph Centre, located smack dab in the middle of downtown. This recently refurbished space is run by Chopped Canada winner, Chef Matthew Kershaw and his partner, Erin Dunham. The DT Centre features all the industrial chic details you love PLUS a stunner of a view, overlooking the Grand River. The space can comfortably hold 150 for a cocktail-style reception. At evening’s end your weary guests can wander across the street to the classic Arlington Hotel, also run by Kershaw and Dunham. Overflow accommodation is available at the Hampton Inn & Suites, a quick 10 minute shuttle ride away.

Claim to Fame: The Dominion Telegraph building is where the first long distance telephone call was received from Sir Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.


Gibson Centre | Alliston wedding venue

The Gibson Cultural Centre

Venue:  The Gibson Cultural Centre, Alliston, ON

Built in 1889 by the Mercer Manufacturing Company as a farm implement factory, ownership passed to the Gibson family in the early 1960s who ultimately sold it to a local community group to be used as the home of their non-profit organization. The building has been lovingly restored and offers a number of beautiful spaces for your wedding and reception. All packages include a number of add-ons that significantly augment its value.

Guests can be comfortably accommodated at The Red Pine Inn or the Nottawasaga Inn Resort, just minutes away.

Claim to Fame: The architecture of the Gibsons Centre is based on the gothic revival style of our Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.


MacLaren Art Centre | Gallery Weddings | wedding venues Barrie

MacLaren Art Centre | Photo by Rowell Photography

Venue:  The MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON

The MacLaren Art Centre is an architectural landmark in downtown Barrie that began life in 1917 as the new Barrie Public Library. With its high ceilings, natural light and stunning windows, the Carnegie Room at the MacLaren is a beautiful space for weddings. If the sun is shining, the lovely courtyard is perfect for an intimate outdoor ceremony. Your guests will appreciate Barrie’s wide range of accommodation, suitable for all budgets.

Claim to Fame: Scottish industrialist Andrew Carnegie financed over 2,500 libraries around the world between 1883 and 1929. Of these, 111 are in Ontario. The MacLaren Gallery, originally a Carnegie library, was built in the classical revival style common to Carnegie libraries throughout Ontario. The building is designated a property of architectural and historical significance by the Ontario Heritage Act.


Finding a venue can be a challenge, but if you keep an open mind and are flexible, you might find your perfect wedding venue is out there after all.


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