Top 10 Things Every Gracious Couple Knows


Lady Violet | Downton Abbey | Maggie Smith

Hmmmm, What Would Lady Violet Think?


Does the word make you cringe?

Etiquette can be intimidating and confusing. It can throw couples off balance. They fear they don’t understand it. Many believe etiquette is following stuffy and dated rules from the Edwardian era. Some couples believe etiquette doesn’t matter.

Not true. And yes it does matter. Simply put, etiquette is the social lubricant that helps us all get along nicely. Good etiquette provides guidelines that help us put others at ease. Chances are your wedding will be the most etiquette-intense event you’ll ever be involved with. To ease your mind I present to you the following helpful list.*

Top 10 Things Every Gracious Couple Knows

Follow these guidelines and you can’t go wrong.

*This list is courtesy of  The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book by Holly LeFevre.


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