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This edgy 1920s bride asserts her independence by flashing some leg.
And is that a bit of a smile on her groom’s face?


You’re a modern couple. Possibly been living together for years. Maybe you have a child, or, at the least, a dog. So when it comes to your wedding day you’re bucking tradition. Because you’re just not a traditional couple.

Or are you?

Let’s face it, weddings are, by definition, traditional. Unless you and your fiance are bound by strict religious or cultural traditions you don’t actually need to get married at all.  The laws of Canada will recognize your union, so why bother with a wedding ceremony and reception?

Because it’s in our nature to celebrate life’s milestones – and draw on the traditions we know and understand, even the ones we think are archaic and, maybe, even a bit silly. Weddings bring out the sentimental side of everyone. You might be a strictly independent feminist in your daily life, but as a bride-to-be get a bit weepy when you think about your sweet Dad walking you down the aisle and “giving” you away.

Or maybe you’re a progressive guy in a progressive relationship with said feminist. And yet. And yet. You have a compelling, inexplicable urge to buy a beautiful ring, drop down on one knee and ask this wonderful woman to spend the rest of her life with you.

What’s up with that?

Ultimately who knows, truly, why couples marry. And do we really want to analyze this too much? Couples love each other. They decide that this person they’re with is The One and they get married. It’s a public declaration of love. Of commitment. Marriage creates something new and wonderful.

And that’s always worth celebrating.

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