We All Have Our Priorities – Here Are Three of Mine

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As a professional planner my primary responsibility is always to advise my couples according to their budget and vision. After all, it’s THEIR day, not mine.

That said, there are certain details I believe are worth a bit of a splurge. Here are three:


Photography – Photographers are trained. They are experienced. Friends with a cell phone cameras are a dime a dozen, and none is a photographer. Hire someone whose JOB is photography and who has experience shooting weddings. Believe me, in 30 years, when your wedding day is a happy but fuzzy memory, you’ll be so glad you invested in a pro to capture your day. Your photographs are your memories.

 Flowers – I have a background in both retail and event floristry (and am an avid gardener) so it’s no surprise that beautiful, fresh flowers make my heart sing. I simply do not understand couples who say they don’t care about the flowers. Truly, I do not understand. We humans are part of the natural world and I suspect this is one reason why we respond to beautiful florals. Simply put, nature, in all its forms, delights us. And professionally designed wedding flowers will delight you and your guests.


Wedding Food | Delicious Meal

Food – Every couple I’ve worked with says serving good food to their guests is a priority, but I’ve learned that some are reluctant to put their money where their mouths are. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for; delicious, memorable food is not cheap. There are countless ways to manage your wedding day budget. Saving a few dollars by serving sub-par food will only leave a bad taste in your mouth.

These are just three details I believe are well worth the investment. I’d love to hear your views. What are the wedding details you think are worth a bit of a splurge?


2 Responses to “We All Have Our Priorities – Here Are Three of Mine”

  1. Sarah Bunnett-Gibson Says:

    Well, –close to my heart is a great personalized service ! A chance for each couple to share their distinct love story, sense of humour ,blended family cultures with their own families and friends. Also a great way to open up the whole gathering;—right from the very first moments with the exact kind of mood and atmosphere that you want for the whole day. An experienced talented officiant can bring that magic to a personalized wedding service.

  2. Christine March Says:

    Sarah, I agree 100%. Many couples (and I’m guilty myself with my last post) forget that the ceremony is the MOST important detail. Well worth the investment and time to make it just right.

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