Wedding Photography Trends That Should Make You Run



Gimmicky Wedding Photos | Bad Wedding Photography

Look familiar? This was the BIG TREND in wedding photography a couple of years ago.

Or, how about this? Yup, nothing says “special day” like a photo of the groom dumping muddy water over his beloved’s head. Trash the dress? I say trash the goofus who came up with this silly idea.

Trash the Dress | Bad Wedding Photography

This season’s trend?

Colour Bomb Wedding Photography | Wedding Photography Trends

Colour bombs. Yup. Colour bombs. Why is this a big trend? I don’t really know. Because people need to follow trends? Even when they’re silly? Because you, your beloved, your wedding party and nature aren’t already beautiful? Who knows.

Your wedding photography is priceless.  Your photos are your memories. In 30 years, when you realise you barely remember any significant details from your wedding day, you don’t want to look at your photos and say, “What were we thinking?”

In preparation for this post I reached out to three of my favourite wedding photographers:  Jennifer Klementti, Lisa Mark and A Brit and A Blonde.  All are well established, highly respected professionals. When I asked each to comment on wedding photography trends they all had very similar responses:  Ummmm, let’s just say none of them are fans of fads and trends. What they ARE fans of:  capturing the authentic emotion of the day. Jennifer, Lisa, Jason & Jessica (the aforementioned, Brit & Blonde) and every other quality photographer I know, actively avoids the trend du jour. What the good photographers want to do is capture the genuine and fleeting moments – a smile, a tear, laughter – and give you images – and memories – that will stand the test of time.

As illustration: here are samples of beautiful work from each:

Ontario Barn Wedding | Rustic Wedding Venue

Jennifer Klementti


Lisa Mark Photography

A Brit & A Blonde | Toronto Wedding Photographers

A Brit & A Blonde

Trends come and go. And they go for a reason. Like the bridal party in the first image in this post, run as fast as you can, from silly photography trends.


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