When More is Just Too Much


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Sometimes the stress can push even the
most calm bride over the edge



A few years ago I read a fascinating book called The Paradox of Choice in which author Barry Schwartz presents a compelling argument against extensive consumer choice. His thesis is that the endless choices available to consumers don’t help us. In fact, he argues that being presented with too much choice actually causes stress and anxiety.

In other words, sometimes more is just too much.

This paradox of excessive choice has infiltrated the wedding industry; an industry that is valued at about $6 billion annually in Canada. Just when you’re about to make a final decision – WHAM! – along comes a new trend report and you’re back to the drawing board. Or Pinterest board. And slowly you start to feel your sanity slipping away.

You and your beloved will make approximately 2 zillion decisions (give or take) during the wedding planning process. Let’s look at just one of the most important: selecting your ceremony and reception venue (often these will be the same).

Did you know that there are over 1,000 different venues in Toronto alone? From historic venues to gallery space to hotel ballrooms to re-purposed industrial buildings to restaurants to…well, you get the picture. Are you hyperventilating yet? How the heck is a couple supposed to choose with over 1,000 options to consider?

This, dear friends, is why it helps to have someone like me in your corner. A professional wedding planner or coordinator will only recommend  venues that are worth your consideration. Based on your budget, your wedding theme and your guest list your planner will compile a short list of suitable options. A planner helps you stay focussed on your vision and your budget. We will help you tune out the noise and keep the focus on your vision for your day.

It’s my goal to help couples create a wedding day that is unique, meaningful and memorable. And one of the ways I do that is to tune out the distraction of ever-changing trends and limitless choices, and keep the focus on what is truly important to you both.

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Click here to see Barry Schwartz present his TED Talk on the Paradox of Choice.


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  1. Melissa Gurley Says:

    Amazing article Christine! So much truth to it! These poor couples just have WAY too much to choose from!!

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