When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Play with Flowers


I’m a wedding planner. It’s my job to stay cool, calm and collected.

But, I’m human. We all are human. And we feel the stress. (Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.)

But we planners are paid to stay cool, calm and collected. Y’know:  make like a duck – calm on the surface; paddling like a maniac below the waterline.

So how does this Toronto wedding planner deal with the stress of those final hours before a wedding?

Two things have always worked for me:  exercise and my garden.

Case in Point:  Today, despite being in the final countdown hours to a big wedding this weekend, I took time to go for a good 30 minute hike. And when I got home, sweaty, but feeling enormously pleased with myself, I grabbed my secateurs and spent a few minutes clipping blooms.

The “before” picture of my efforts is above. Here is my “after” picture:


After a refreshing shower I felt renewed and prepared to take on the day’s challenges. Confident that this weekend’s wedding is going to be fabulous.

We all have our tricks for coping with stress. I’d love to hear yours. 


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