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This week wedding industry pros were surprised to learn one of the most popular and respected barn venues in Ontario is temporarily shutting their doors pending permit issues. (They are offering a tented option until they can re-open the barn space.) This situation reinforces the fact that you, as the consumer, must do your due diligence. Legitimate barn venues are inspected regularly and must meet very strict health, safety and fire code guidelines. The tiniest infraction can mean they lose their permits. And when that happens the bride and groom are suddenly left scrambling to find a new venue.

Wedding planning is stressful as it is. Can you imagine having to suddenly find a new venue just weeks before your wedding?

When searching for a barn venue don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. All permits should be visible. If they aren’t, ask to see them.

And do not – EVER – sign on to have your wedding in a barn that is being rented out privately.

If a legitimate barn venue can have its wrists slapped while they get their permit issues in order, you can only imagine how local authorities will come down on a private barn. Not only do you run the risk of losing your venue, but a barn that doesn’t meet local health, safety and fire codes puts your guests at risk.

Having done a few barn weddings (and with two more planned for 2017) I’m well aware of the challenges. Avoid disappointment – or worse – by doing your homework and work with a wedding planner who is familiar with both the charms and challenges of barn venues.


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  1. Officiant SARAH BUNNETT-GIBSON Says:

    Once again a great topic that is full of common sense to create a happy barn wedding experience. And YES ! Hire someone smart !Like you Christine,– to make sure the chosen barn wedding is only full of good surprises.

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