Your June Wedding Flower of the Month Is…

…a tie.

It was a tough battle between David Austin roses and peonies. Ultimately I weakened and chose both. Each is at its best in the month of June. Each flower is the epitome of summer romance. And each is so lovely that choosing one over the other was simply impossible. Both roses and peonies claim to be the “Queen of Flowers” but let’s leave that discussion to another time.

David Austin Roses | Keira | Summer Wedding Bouquet

David Austin Rose ‘Keira’

You’ll note that I did not select all roses (too easy), but homed in on what I consider the most exquisitely beautiful roses available: David Austin roses. These beauties feature many layers of intricate petals and are often fragrant – a feature not often found in commercially grown roses. (The scent is deliberately bred out of the flowers to broaden their appeal.) Not every florist carries David Austin roses in their daily inventory so make sure to let him/her know that you’d like to include these special blossoms when getting your quotations.

You would think flowers as gorgeous as peonies would be delicate. But not only are they beautiful, they are tough. Long lasting – some varieties will live close to 100 years – peonies are easy to grow, drought tolerant and disease resistant. In my own garden we have three peonies that must be at least 40 years old. And every summer they bloom abundantly, without fail.

Look at these beauties. Resistance is futile.


peony arrangement | Coral Charm peonies | summer wedding flowers

Image Courtesy of Flirty Fleurs


David Austin roses | summer rose bouquet

Image Courtesy of Flirty Fleurs

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