Your Planner is the Captain of Team Bride & Groom

Extravagant Tropical Wedding

Most couples cannot afford a tropical extravagance. And that’s OK.


Lately this article has been making the rounds. In it, a recently engaged woman bemoans the fact that the wedding industry has ruined the wedding planning process for her. Why? How? Because apparently we’re an evil industrial complex – right up there with Big Pharma or Big Tobacco – that doesn’t give a flying fig for the consumer. We’re part of an industry-wide conspiracy and only in it for the money.

According to the bride-to-be author, we in the wedding industry prey on and take advantage of emotional fragile and vulnerable couples by coercing them into having extravagant wedding celebrations that are well beyond their budget.

I’m sorry if the author doesn’t feel able to have the wedding of her dreams, but my response to her argument is this: hogwash.

In reality, we planners and coordinators are 100% committed to keeping our couples on budget. It is our job to help you achieve your wedding day vision and keep you on budget. In fact, those of us that are trained professionals (and I count myself amongst that elite group) abide by a strict Code of Ethics that guarantees we are 100% committed to doing the best for our clients, whatever their budget might be.

If you want to hold your wedding celebration in your local pub, at minimal cost, I will help you do that. If you want a more elaborate celebration, and have the budget to do so, I will help you do that. At no point in the planning process will I be nudging you to have a celebration that is more than you want. Or can afford.

The point is, it’s your day. You call the shots. The mysterious Wedding Industrial Complex is not out to get you. And if you’re working with a professional planner, let me assure you that she (or he) will be the Captain of Team Bride and Groom. We work for you and want you to have the wedding you want, not what some mythical wedding monster wants you to have.

If you would like help planning your special day, please get in touch. I promise to help you create a day that is unique, meaningful and memorable. And well within your budget.

This article shares tips on how to have a lovely wedding on a $5,000 budget. Yes, it can be done.



4 Responses to “Your Planner is the Captain of Team Bride & Groom”

  1. Jennifer Maxwell Says:

    Well said Christine! Another point is that if we don’t do our job keeping our brides on task and on budget, we forego any referrals for future business. How foolish is that?
    Referrals are a big part of how we earn business. If we were out to make a couple spend more than they could afford, pretty soon word would get out, and our business would dry up. Now that doesn’t make good business sense, does it?!
    Great article.

  2. Christine March Says:

    Thanks Jennifer. I hadn’t considered that angle but you are so right. Word of mouth is huge for all of us. The hard-working, ethical planners will always rise to the top.

  3. Jim Emerson Says:

    Over the years Enduring Promises, as a large group of wedding Officiants who have officiated thousands of ceremonies, has had the pleasure of working with many certified and professional wedding planners and coordinators.

    Despite the fact that not every planner is easy to work with, (but neither is every Officiant), we can say that every one we have worked with has had the Bride and Groom’s best interest at heart.

    So we fully agree with your post and support those in the wedding industry who strive to make the couple’s day truly special and memorable.

  4. Christine March Says:

    Thanks for your comments Jim. I hope I was one of the easy planners you’ve worked with!

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