Your Wedding on the Water

Photo courtesy of The Toronto Hunt Club.

Photo courtesy of The Toronto Hunt Club.


As many of us prepare to get out of the hot city to spend the long Canada Day weekend at a cottage, by the water, it seems a good time to ask this question:

What is it about water that mesmerizes us?

Maybe that’s a question best left to the poets and philosophers – and scientists – but there’s no denying the great pull many of us feel for cool, crystal lakes and wild, salty oceans.

Given our powerful relationship with this most essential element – mysterious though it might be – is it any surprise so many couples dream of a wedding by the water?

If you’ve always believed that dream is reserved for couples flying off to the Caribbean or Mexico, think again. Right here in Toronto, and not too far beyond, are many opportunities to marry by the water. So put away that passport and let’s look at your Destination GTA Wedding by the Sea, oops, Lake Ontario…


Private Clubs

Private clubs often will make their event spaces available to non-members. Each club has their own criteria for allowing exceptions, but here are two venerable clubs that you can consider.

In the east Beach neighbourhood, near the Scarborough Bluffs, is The Toronto Hunt. One of the most historic clubs in North America, the Hunt (as it is known) has been hosting elegant events on its prime 70 acre location on the shores of Lake Ontario since 1895.

On the western end of the city another historic private club to consider is The Argonaut Rowing Club. Founded in 1872, The Argo is located on Lakeshore Blvd., also right on the shores of Lake Ontario.  The Argonaut’s Henley Room offers stunning views of Lake Ontario, as we see in this evening photograph:

View of Lake Ontario from the Argonaut Rowing Club

Lake Ontario from The Argonaut Rowing Club


The Toronto Islands

If you are drawn to the romance and drama of sailing you might want to consider the Royal Canadian Yacht Club for your wedding. The RCYC was founded in 1852 and has a long and storied history. Yes, the RCYC is also a private club but they do allow a limited number of non-member events between the months of May and October.

Did you know you can have the ultimate wedding by the water? Yes, you can get married on one of the many beaches on Toronto Islands. Though limited to smaller weddings (50-60 people) what could be better than wiggling your toes in the sand as you say I Do right at the water’s edge? For the cost of a permit your beach wedding is well within reach.


Beach Wedding at Gibraltar Point

Photo Courtesy of Mango Studios

Learn about all the wedding services available on the Islands here.


Burlington Waterfront

Our last watery destination is a short drive west of Toronto: Spencer’s at the Waterfront in Burlington. The stunning Observatory is encased in glass, providing jaw-dropping views of water, sky and parkland. Looking at this photograph it’s hard not to believe we’re seeing a luxurious tropical resort, yet it’s less than an hour from Toronto.

Spencer's at the Waterfront

Photo Courtesy of Spencer’s


From private clubs hugging the shores of Lake Ontario, to beachfront options on the islands, to a spectacular lakeside, glass edifice in Burlington, there are many options for a spectacular wedding by the water – right in your backyard. No passport required.



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  1. Officiant SARAH BUNNETT-GIBSON Says:

    Boy CHRISTINE, you have done your careful research and made it really easy for couples. –But the toughest part is ? Which one ? Each waterside venue you have talked about is so very beautiful.Hmmm ? ?

  2. Christine March Says:

    Thanks for your kind words Sarah. This is why it’s always helpful to have a wedding planner on board. We listen carefully to a couple’s wedding day needs and wants, and help find the venue that’s perfect for their vision and budget.

  3. Officiant SARAH BUNNETT-GIBSON Says:

    Hiring an experienced wedding planer is the smartest investment ! –in creating a happy and low stress wedding day. Finding the unique match of the right Venue ,– is not a easy task.
    A great post.

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