You’re Engaged…Now What?


If you found a marriage proposal in your Christmas stocking this year you might be wondering what to do first. Here’s a blog I posted about a year ago, and I think it’s worth sharing again. 


He asked the question you’ve been longing to hear.

Of course you said “YES!”

Congratulations. You’re engaged and about to embark on a wonderful new adventure together.

Now what?

In the heady, happy days following your engagement your joyful bliss might get sidetracked as you consider the enormity of what lies ahead:  OMG, now we have to plan a wedding.

Actually, hold on there a moment. Not so fast.

I strongly recommend that freshly engaged couples resist the urge to rush into wedding planning. Unless you have a pressing, urgent reason for doing so (job transfer to another city, an ill family member, a baby on the way) why not take a deep breath and simply enjoy this new phase of your relationship?

Your first order of business is sharing your happy news with your closest family and friends. Etiquette (and common sense) say the bride’s parents should be informed first, followed very soon by the groom’s parents. Try try try to hold off posting your news on Facebook until you’ve informed those nearest and dearest. Do you really want your dear old Granny in Wales to hear your happy news at the same time as distant friends from junior high?

Letting the entire world know via social media takes the shine off your news and diminishes the magnitude of the exciting step you’re about to take. This special moment calls for a personal touch. Taking the time to share your news in person (or with a telephone call if necessary) lets family and friends know how dear they are to you both.

Bask in the warmth and happy wishes that come with being newly engaged. Take a deep breath and enjoy this moment. There’s no need to rush. You’ll be chin-deep in wedding planning soon enough.


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